• The Dreams of Whales
    • The Dreams of Whales
    • Our establishment is a blockchain-based global company, like a whale that glides in the golden currents of the vast ocean in this new generation.
    • By chance or luck
    • New chances are granted to every user by entering the "Over World" with your unique NFT character. Currencies are convertible to USD or Crypto by earning from adventuring the world and exclusive profits from the land user possess.
  • By chance or luck
  • Another Chance
    • Another Chance
    • Over World isn't the only P2E game provided to the users. An endless future of development awaits, and the NFT holders are given the first opportunity to enjoy more than 5 developed P2E games.
    • Reality, not the future
    • The preparations for launching the "Over World" are already completed.
      Diverse NFTs such as characters, lands, and buildings will be announced before launching the "Over World" on July 2022th. After that, we will release all other games sequentially in a few months.
  • Reality, not the future

Road Map

The contents in the Road Map may occur earlier than it’s scheduled..


  • June
    • 4th
    • Total of 5000 NFT Character Minted as public sale
  • June
    • 20th
    • Total of 500 NFT Lands Mint
  • July
    • 15th
    • Game Showcase
    • 20th
    • Total of 500 NFT buildings Mint
  • Aug.
    • 1st
    • Ver 1.0 of the Over World Launches
    • 20th
    • Minting Limited Edition
  • Sept.
    • 1st
    • Governance the ver 2.0 of the Over World
  • Oct.
    • 1st
    • Ver 2.0 of the Over World Launches
  • Nov.
    • 1st
    • Governance the ver 3.0 of the Over World
  • Dec.
    • 1st
    • Ver 3.0 of the Over World Launches


  • 1Q
    • Revealing five new games
  • 2Q
    • Revealing the Road Map of
      Mainnet development
  • 3Q
    • Revealing the Road Map of P2P platform
  • 4Q
    • Governance 2024th
      direction of the business


  • Q. What's the wallet used for Mint?
  • MetaMask will be used for Minting.
  • Q. What's the date and the price of Mint?
  • The date is 13:00(UTC) Saturday at June 4th, and a total of 5000 NFT is sold as a public sale. The currency will be ETH costing 0.1 ETH per purchase.
  • Q. How many Mints per transaction?
  • Only 1 Mints per transaction.
  • Q. Where can we Mint?
  • The Minting page will be announced on our community, such as; Discord and Twitter.
  • Q. What's the reason why it took so much time to publicize your project?
  • We believe that the actual game and contents are much more important to be developed before announcing roadmaps, white and lite papers, etc.
  • Q. When is the game launch date?
  • August 2022th on Android & IOS devices.
    Web-based service is launched if the Play & App store no longer allows NFT-based games.
  • Q. What's the significant benefit of joining your project?
  • "All the resources (currency) earned or created in the game are available to be used & converted(USD, crypto, etc) on various things.
    The details above will be announced on the future."
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